“Zebra mussels have only recently become a problem again with an influx in trade from Eastern Europe since the 1990s. We believe BioBullets will tackle this problem, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds in operational costs, and all in a way that has no adverse impact on the environment.”
-Dr Piers Clark, Commercial Director for Thames Water

Introducing BioBullets Ltd

BioBullets is an award winning company that provides control solutions for aquatic biofouling pests, and enhancement products for aquaculture.  Our solutions are highly effective and environmentally friendly.

We offer control solutions across a broad range of industries, including water treatment facilities, power plants, paper mills, shipping and sea chests, shrimp farms, oil drilling, irrigation, and reservoirs. Our products are suitable for use in closed systems and the open environment.  BioBullets are approved for safe use in drinking water facilities, and degrade to harmless concentrations within hours of entering the water.

Our enhancement products for aquaculture provide tailored diets rich in key nutrients for hatchery-reared spat and broodstock. Optimal diets in the hatchery can lead to dramatic increases in productivity.

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